Life Strategies

Life Strategies grants wealthy families the ability to leverage a life insurance policy that provides liquidity needed for estate taxes. Pledging collateral in lieu of paying premiums and interest offers families many benefits:

  • Minimizes out of pocket expenses

  • Maintain control of assets and cash flow

  • Minimize opportunity costs associated with payments

  • Minimize gift taxes

Life Strategies is designed to perserve liquidity and save you substantially more money compared to paying for premiums out of pocket.

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance coverage helps to cover the cost of long term care providers and support services as you age. Policies are comprehensive and typically allow you to use your daily benefit in a variety of setting, including:

  • Your home

  • Adult day service centers

  • Hospice care

  • Respite care

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Nursing homes

Policies can also cover some homemaker services, such as meal preparation or housekeeping as long as it is in conjunction with the personal care services you receive.

Life Settlement

Life insurance is an asset that requires the same consideration and review as all your other investments. A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy to a third party in excess of the policy’s cash surrender value,but less than it’s death benefit. Benefits of Life Settlement may include:

  • Preserving  a quality of living by receiving a higher cash payout than the cash surrender value

  • Relief from premium payments on unneeded or unaffordable life insurance

  • Peace of mind, relief and dignity with additional funds to supplement retirement

  • Have the ability to fund long-term care

  • More options and choices selecting doctors and healthcare facilities

Life settlement can offer a far better choice and option to changing needs than simply lapsing or surrendering an unwanted, unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policy.

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