Protecting the Wealth You’ve Created

Estate taxes can have a devastating effect on the wealth created and built over an individual’s lifetime. Unfortunately, most successful people are so focused on creating wealth that they have little time left to focus on wealth preservation. Life Strategies is an estate planning strategy designed for high net worth individuals who want to protect wealth.

With Life Strategies, the client finances a life insurance policy that is used to cover future estate taxes. Instead of paying premiums out of pocket, clients simply need to pledge collateral. This results in providing clients with greater control over their assets, more growth potential for their assets, and more money potentially left over for future generations.

Life Strategies also allows families more options and fexibility for succession planning, buy-sell agreement, and key man applications. It is one of the most well-designed and comprehensive solutions on the market for high net worth individuals.

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We Help People Improve Their Financial Future

Estate Preservation

Plans that reduce estate tax liability and costs. Our comprehensive analysis provides creative ways to lessen the estate tax burden.

Business Benefit Plans

Strategies to provide valuable benefits to owners and help attract, retain and reward key employees.

Business Succession

Strategies that transfer company ownership to future generations without burdening the business or its remaining shareholders.

Education Funding

By combining current and future insurance needs with growth of assets, we can help to fund higher education.

Long Term Care Planning

Plans to to help offset long term care expenses not covered by health insurance.

Wealth Preservation

We help you understand the concepts & strategies to provide personalized appropriate plans for wealth preservation.

Client Testamonials

“Ira helped guide me through some very important life decisions that would affect my family’s financial future. Turns out they were the right decisions. Thank you for all that you did for us.

A. Esposito, DO

“Nobody knows the financial services business better than Ira. His priority is always his clients and how they can benefit from his knowledge and wisdom. I know I have. There’s Ira and then there’s everybody else!”

Z. duPont
duPont Foundation

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